Vormsi Witch Project

Night of Witches on Vormsi Island, 1994 Weekend Special Pühapäevaleht, section Life, 1994. Kaido Einama

There were unordinary guests on island Vormsi on August 19-21, 1995. Their event called Camp of Ability spelled not so unordinary. It had been full moon in the sky and plenty of people hoping that witches will help them to free from sickness. The organizer of the event Ingvar Luhaäär (President of Tallinn Oriental Club) sayed that there are about 126 registered participants but alot campers who are "wild".

"I can not name them all witches," says Luhaäär, "because witches mean for people something different than they are. They are sensitives, not classical Witches. Some of them, yes, are witches, too." Luhaäär says that he do not have sensitive abilities. But he believes that sensitivity is learnable of some kind. His Oriental Club have school of sensitives.

Some Mystical Signs

If all the crowd landed by ferry on the Vormsi harbor some sensitives started to found energetically good camping place like pioneers with their instruments – amoulets, branches, ... They saw mystical signs what usual people can't see. Some people sow signs about the end of the world (again!) and some strange marks in the sky pointing to island. And then started first lecture – called readyness of psychologic defence. "We can play different themes on homan and experience how they react," begins Jüri Eintalu, psychologist, to teach witches and sensitives. But some older people whispered "He radiates warm waves!" pointing to sensitive Feliks jalakas from West Estonia. Feeling something strange in the air one dog started to howl. Sign again, thought some people in the camp.

They are not bad

Witches are not bad, saying everu lecturer agaid and again. Protect against evil using safety pins near the heart, reccommends next sensitive. I am not beeing a punk because of that says someone. Second day begins with a walk to "capital of Vormsi" Hullo. Sensitives searched "energetically interesting" places and found church in Hullo. "Interesting energy field," they mumbled placing hands on pictures. People of Vormsi looked at them with big surprising. Then they found cemetery well. A little conversation started. "It's 15 meters deep." – "No. It's 16.75 meters deep." – "No way, it's 3 millimeters deeper," sayed third. At last they tried to guess is it good or bad people resting in cemetery.

Hypnotic lecture on Rumpo peninsula

After a half-hour walk campers arrived to Rumpo peninsula. All food was eaten on this place. Sensitive Tiit teras started with his lecture. All started to sleep like on hypnotic show. The end of the world had to came on midnight as some sensitives believed. So, what else we can do than wait? So we waited when it was dark, and as usual, nothing happened. Some people said that OK, not the end of the world but the beginning of the New Age. It started with liberation show of sicknesses. Every participant had to pay 25 estonian kroons. Camp is over on a third day. The world is yet OK, not ended, and witches flied (sry, boated) home again. Some people believe that their sickness is gone. And nice beautiful Vormsi Island is the same again: exotic juniper fields, Baltic Sea coast and swedish houses, fishermans going to sea and wind, not so warm any more.

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